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If you’ve lived in Hawaii your whole life (or you’re a brand new property owner), you might have missed something. Not all roofing materials are made equal. Some don’t do very well in the Hawaiian climate, and a good roofing company can keep you and your home covered.

Having the work done by a local roofing company means working with people who know the climate. They can help select the best materials for topping off your building and ensure that, rain or shine, it’ll keep you safe and dry. Skyta Roofing & Construction also works with solar installation and wiring. It can be great for your energy bill and works for the island sun over Oahu.

There are plenty of ways to get a roof on your house, and a range of materials to do it with. An experienced roofing company like Skyta can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether that’s something to give you extra curb appeal, repairing what you have, or going green. Solar roofing isn’t big panels anymore. With an average of 271 sunny days per year, Oahu is perfectly suited for solar roofing.

Skyta Roofing & Construction is based on Oahu, and can be your go-to pros. Here, you can take a look at some of the different kinds of roofing your roofing company can install for you. And, they’re all suited to tropical climates.

1.  Slate Tiles

Good, old fashioned, slate tiles are great for warm climates. This centuries-old style of roofing has lasted for a reason. It works. Lighter tiles are your best bet for the Oahu sun. They keep your building nice and cool by reflecting UV rays. Darker tiles absorb heat, and are better suited for colder areas.

Just because it’s an older way to roof doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Talk with your roofing company about what they can do. Since the tiles are thin, they can be cut, layered, and shaped in different ways. From basic rectangles and octagonal shapes to fish scale and Dutch laps, slate can be functional and provide a unique look for your roof. Working with an experienced roofing company, you can have a wide range of options.

2.  Terracotta

Terracotta is mostly used in the Southwest, due to Spanish influence. Able to survive blistering desert heats, it also holds up well to the elements. It provides a unique look too. The material is shaped from a clay mixture and kiln baked to ensure durability. In fact, the name itself means, “baked earth.” There’s synthetic terracotta now too, but the method that’s been used for centuries still works for people across the world today.

The material absorbs heat effectively and cools down quickly. If your home or business gets a lot of direct sun, it can be an ideal option for heating and cooling efficiency. The natural look of terracotta lends itself equally well to a beachy vibe or an elegant office. Your roofing company can fill you in on the options available for you.

3.  Metal Roofing

Metal shook its reputation as a cheap, tacky building material, and it’s now used for some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.Once relegated to barns and outbuildings, it’s experienced a renaissance. Quality roofing companies can do amazing work with metals. And often, recycled roofing is available in a variety of types.

If you want a high-end aesthetic, metal roofing is an excellent option. It’s versatile and can be shaped into a near-infinite number of designs. It can be a green building material. And, it’s excellent for hot climates, due to it naturally reflecting heat.

Worried about sea salt? Don’t be. Metal roofing can be coated to withstand prolonged exposure to ocean air, so it’s an option for the West Texas desert and the Hawaiian beaches. Talk with your roofing company to find out exactly what’s available and suited for your home or office.

4.  Concrete

Want something less traditional? Concrete can be a good option. This mix of water, sand, and cement can be shaped in a variety of ways too, so you aren’t tied to a modern style. Due to its core materials, it’s extremely durable, even for high-UV and high-salt areas. It can be more expensive, and much heavier, than alternatives, but it’s hard to beat it’s durability. Whether as a roof slab or in tiles, it can fit into whatever neighborhood you live in. Whether that’s ultra-modern or a tile-roofed beach house.

It’s also amazing for dispersing heat, and can end up saving you quite a bit on heating and cooling. Working with concrete, it saves a lot of headaches when you work with an experienced roofing company. It is heavy, and having a team of people who know how to do the job pays for itself.

5.  Photovoltaic Shingles

A perfect option for people wanting green buildings in a sunny climate. Photovoltaic (or simply solar) shingles can be used alone or as a way to cover the entire roof. These don’t have the industrial look of conventional solar panels. Instead, they’re designed to look like conventional roofing materials. They blend in with the rest of the roof and provide energy to the home. Find a roofing company that’s worked with them before, and preferably one that also handles electrical work. Solar is a relatively young technology, and setup for it isn’t well suited for the weekend warrior DIYer.

Solar shingles are part of a system within the building. The shingles collect energy from sunlight, the energy is stored in a battery, and the battery is used to get power to the building. In fact, as part of building methods and systems put together, it can result in a net negative energy balance. That is, your home is producing more energy than it takes in. Photovoltaic shingles are an excellent start for that, if you’re wanting to go fully green.


Ready to get started? Skyta Roofing & Construction can handle the job from start to finish. Check them out to find out more.

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