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The environment and climate in Honolulu, Hawaii, make the island a great place to live. The climate has many benefits, but it also leads to certain types of roof damage that can lead to damage in a home’s interior as well. Roofing repair professionals help homeowners keep their roof’s in good condition, and a quality roof is necessary to protect the entire home from weather damage.

Wind, Rain, and Sunlight

Storms are regular weather events in Honolulu. Strong winds can dislodge nails in shake roofs and shingles. Loose nails might cause a few lost shingles, but unchecked damage will spread to large areas of the roof. Roofing repair is often necessary after strong storms, and keeping a roof in good condition leads to less chance of damage to the rest of the home.

Professionals can spot signs of wind damage, but there are some things homeowners can do to evaluate damage too. Look for missing, cracked, or torn shingles. Flat roofs are less susceptible to wind damage than domed or sloping roofs, but wind will eventually cause cracks and tears in flat roofs as well.

Direct sunlight and ultra violet rays lead to deterioration over time. All roofs sustain minor damage after years of exposure to sunlight. Unaddressed minor roofing repair eventually grow to large problems that lead to leaks and water damage in a home’s interior. Regular maintenance and repairs catch small problems early and extent a roof’s lifetime.

Trees close to a home are a potential risk. Old, decaying trees could fall onto the home, but it is more likely that strong winds will tear branches and leaves free and deposit debris on roofs. Leaves and debris clog gutters and downspouts. Branches can knock shingles loose, or even knock holes in the roof itself. Contact roofing repair professionals immediately if a branch or other piece of debris causes a hole in the roof, even if the hole seems very small. There is a good chance the roofing material around the hole has sustained damage too.

Check ventilation pipes, fencing, and gutters for signs of damage. Rust, leaks, and missing sections of gutters lead to drainage issues. Water can build up on the roof. Stagnant water causes mildew and decay. This is a threat to the roof and the home’s interior. Mold and mildew are serious consequences of unchecked leaks. Black mold grows on wood frames, walls and floors, or ceiling tiles.

Signs of Roof Damage Inside the Home

It is always a good idea to check the inside of a home while evaluating a roof’s integrity. The attic is a good place to look. Sunlight coming in through the roof is a sign that professional roofing repair is needed immediately. Stains or streaks on wood mean water is entering the attic.

Moisture marks inside the home look like yellow or brown stains. Sagging ceilings are the result of deterioration from large amounts of moisture or small amounts building up over time. Lightly poke sagging areas with a broom handle. If the material gives or feels soft, it is damaged by moisture. These problems indicate roofing repair is needed, and they can lead to expensive repairs overall if problems are not addressed.

Peeling or bubbling paint on walls and ceilings can also indicate excess moisture from a leaking or damaged roof. Unaddressed leaks damage the paint and plaster in walls or cause problems with the electrical wiring in ceiling lights, and fans. Pay attention to energy bills. A sudden increase in energy costs could indicate holes in a roof or damage to roof ventilation. Leaks form over time due to wind damage, improper installation, or lack of roof maintenance.

Algae, Moss, Plants, and Animals

Small animals, such as birds and rodents, can also damage roofs. Animals find small holes in the roof and try to get inside the home. They frequently cause even more damage getting into the house. Bird nests frequently block gutters, which leads to standing water that damages the roof and substrate if it is not addressed. The nesting material itself also provides a home for insects after the birds have moved out.

Algae and moss growing on a roof is not necessarily a sign of a problem, but it may be a good idea to call a professional to evaluate the situation. Moss and algae hold moisture, and they can’t grow at all unless moisture is present. Moss eventually separates shingles as the amount of plant material increases.

Other plants growing on a roof is definitely a sign that roofing repair is needed. Even small grasses or flowers are a sign of a problem because those plants couldn’t grow unless there was enough dirt and moisture present to support them. Small roots spreading from the original plants get in between and underneath shingles. Even one year of growth can cause serious damage to a roof and the underlying structure.

Signs of Deteriorating Shingles

It is time to call a professional for roofing repair when asphalt roof tiles or grit from the granules covering roofing shingles build up in gutters. These are signs that the roof is deteriorating. Other signs to look for include gray patches on asphalt shingles and damaged metal flashing.

Shingles are often made of a cellulose core covered in asphalt. The layers disintegrate in rotting shingles and leave spots on the roof susceptible to moisture that will make its way into the home’s interior. Homeowners can detect this kind of damage by looking at the shingles. Oddly shaped shingles are probably damaged or deteriorating. A shingle that falls apart during handling indicates serious damage that requires immediate roofing repair services. A shingle that cannot tolerate handling is doing nothing to protect a home from the elements.

Contact Skyta Construction, Roofing, and Solar in Honolulu at 808-387-6164 for any questions about your roof’s integrity. The professionals at Skyta can answer your questions and evaluate your roof to make sure your home is protected. They provide roofing repair and any additional structural repairs that may be necessary.

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