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Are you starting to worry about your roof? Maybe it’s quite old and you don’t think it’s working quite the way that it should anymore. Maybe you’ve been having problems with it for a while or you think that you might be. Well, there are some important things to look at when considering roofing repair for your Honolulu home. We’re going to take a look at some of the signs that your roof may be getting old and may be in need of repair or even replacement.

Visible Holes

This one is easier for you to recognize because it means that you can actually see patches where the roofing material has been torn away or holes in the framework of the roof. If you can see any kind of holes then it means you absolutely need to repair that section of the roof and you may also need to take a closer look at some of the other areas of the roof to make sure no additional damage has been done. Visible holes mean that, beyond general roofing repair, you could have water damage in the house.

Water Damage

Speaking of that water damage, if you notice water in your attic or upper floors or it seems to be coming down the walls or in the ceiling one of the possibilities is that you need roofing repair. Now, water damage can come from any source of water in your home, which means it could also be a burst pipe or an overflowing drain. However, if you have water in the upper areas of your home there’s a good chance something is leaking through your roof. That means it’s time to hire a professional to check it out.

It’s important to note that water damage could appear on the outside of your home as well, not just the inside. So, if you’re starting to notice paint peeling more than normal or blistering from water behind the paint then it’s a good idea to start with checking out your roof. That water is getting into the exterior walls from somewhere and you absolutely want to get it taken care of as soon as possible. You should be watching for water damage at all times to make sure that you recognize the need for roofing repair as soon as possible. Water damage can get quite expensive, after all.


If you’re starting to notice pests in your home this could be another sign that you need repair. If there are holes, even ones too tiny for you to see, pests will get into your home. Now, this can happen naturally, without damage to your roof, but if you’re starting to see more and more pests it’s definitely a good reason to have someone look at the roof as well as other areas of the home to see if there are cracks or other areas that those pests could be getting in.

Sagging Roof

If the roof is sagging then it means there’s likely something going on structurally. That’s not a minor roofing repair but could be a very serious one. You want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to get those repairs taken care of. By the time you can actually see the roof sagging it means that there has been quite a bit of damage because it takes a while for things to wear away quite that much. Make sure as soon as you notice that sagging you call a professional to take care of things.

Stains and Discoloration

When water gets into your walls and ceiling you may not notice it at first. What you might notice are sudden stains that appear on your ceiling. You may notice changes to the paint or other surfaces. If you do, it’s a good chance that there’s water damage happening in there. By the time you actually start to see the problem and see the stains there’s already been water in there for quite some time and that’s going to be a big problem. Make sure you call a professional for roofing repair and you might need a few other repair professionals as well.

Increased Bills

If your roof isn’t doing the job that it’s supposed to be doing you’re going to notice that you’re paying more for energy. Heating and cooling your home is going to be a whole lot more difficult when the air is blowing right up and out of the top of your home. So, if your bills are going up and up and you notice that you have more trouble keeping your home at a comfortable temperature chances are you need roofing repair.

It’s Old

After a certain amount of time your roof is just going to get old. Very few styles of roofs are designed to last forever and that means, eventually, you’re going to need to do something about it. Talk with a professional in roofing repair to take a closer look at your roof. You’ll want to have someone examine it every few years, especially as you start getting close to 20 years or the end of your roof’s lifespan, depending on the material it’s made of. You want to make sure that you’re watching the roof yourself to see if you notice any of the other situations and problems that we’ve mentioned.

Hiring a Team

When you’re ready to get some roofing repairs done you’ll need a team that can take care of things for you in no time. Our team at Skyta Construction can make sure that your roof is just as sound as ever and we can do it in no time. No matter what’s happening with your roof or how old it is, we’ll come out to your house and take a closer look. We can give you an estimate and get started on your roof quickly, so you don’t have to worry about increased damage and increased repair bills from the damage to your home in Honolulu.

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