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From evaluating your current home wiring situation to making design recommendations and suggesting appropriate electrical fixtures, the professionals at Skyta Construction, Roofing, Solar in Honolulu, Oahu will handle all the electrical requirements for your home. With many years of experience in the electrical industry, you can count on receiving unmatched service in a timely fashion.

Our range of comprehensive services include;

Trouble Shooting

Do you have outlets that don’t work? Flickering lights, bulbs that burn out often, or maybe your main circuit panel is having issues, and you can’t determine what could be the source of the problem? Such electrical inconveniences, no matter how minor, pose a safety hazard and require to be checked by a professional. We take the necessary precautions to ensure your job is done right.

Electrical Wiring Upgrade

The electrical wiring in your home is one of the most critical and challenging parts of your electrical system. If you need to have your electrical wiring upgraded, you can trust our professionals to get your wiring up to date. We’ll manage your electrical wiring upgrades from start to finish ensuring you get great value for your money.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

If your circuit breaker often trips or overheats, it may no longer protect the wires connected to a circuit. This is a dangerous problem that can harm your appliances or spark a fire, posing an immediate threat to your family. It would be best if you upgraded your panel to make sure it is up to code and can handle your energy demands. We will not only fix your malfunctioning circuit breaker but also conduct a thorough inspection of all your electrical systems to ensure they are operational and up to code.

Electrical Inspections

By scheduling an inspection of your home’s electrical systems, you’ll be taking steps towards making your house a great deal safer. An electrical service home inspection provides a thorough examination of all of your home’s electrical wiring and connections, ensuring they meet the required safety standards. The service is crucial, especially when you are purchasing a home, adding an appliance or when a home has had a significant renovation. Routine electrical inspections as well can help you identify issues as they arise to avoid a system breakdown.

Interior and Exterior Lighting Installation

Need to update a light fixture? We can help enhance any interior or exterior part of your home with a variety of electrical services installation that get to show off your home’s best features. From specialty lighting to holiday lighting, accents, and security lighting, we can handle it all. We’ll help you evaluate the exterior and interior layout of your structure and help you choose the most suitable lighting solutions for your application.

Retrofit Lighting

We can inspect the current lighting in your home and develop possible options that can be adapted to make it more energy-efficient. We’re committed to helping you save money with our LED lighting retrofit services.

Outlet Installation

Whether you’re looking to have your old power outlets replaced with new ones or are tired of fighting over outlet space with your family, we can help. Our professionals will help you select the right electrical outlet types for your needs. By having your home equipped with proper electrical receptacles, you’ll be enhancing your home’s safety.

Home Addition Electrical installation

You need a licensed electrician to wire your home additions considering such changes to your home result in a higher electrical load on your panel, and a need for increased functionality. If you are considering doing some renovations/home additions, we are your go-to source for quality installs and superior service.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Our professional installers have years of experience working with homeowners to accent their landscaping features to their liking. Let us illuminate the beauty of your home with decorative garden lighting that is sure to transform your property.

We also perform other installations, including ceiling fan installations, smoke detector installations, CO detector installations, electric car charger installation, and so much more. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will promptly arrive at your premises in fully stocked vans ready to put your electrical woes to rest.

Don’t risk your home investment or your family’s safety with substandard electrical services that could cost you in the long run. Hire a certified, qualified residential electrician that is equipped to serve you with expert solutions. At Skyta Construction, Roofing, Solar in Honolulu, Oahu our knowledgeable and highly trained electricians are committed to handling your every electrical need with guaranteed satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let’s get started on your upcoming project.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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