How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

Getting your roof cleaned is important to plan for. Once a year is usually ideal. Read the post below to find out about specific instances when cleaning might be more or less frequent. 

Should I Be Pressure Washing?

Cleaning a roof should always be done by a professional. You yourself should never be going up on your roof. The dangers of slipping, falling, injuring yourself or damaging your roof are too great. 

Whether Pressure Washing or Power Washing itself should be used is somewhat up for debate. The main factor influencing this decision is the type of roof you have.

Asphalt Shingle versus Ceramic Tile versus Metal Roofing

There are a range of roofing materials out there, one of the most common is asphalt shingle. Asphalt shingle roofing is particularly important to keep clean on a regular basis (annually). The edges of the shingles tend to curl over time with moss build-up, and the build-up of growth on these shingles can reduce your roof’s ventilation and reflective capabilities. 

These types of roofs are not ideal for pressure washing. The smaller tiles cannot withstand the high pressure of the power washer and are prone to lifting up. If an inexperienced person is cleaning the roof, they might damage the underlying insulation and get the adhesive underneath wet. This makes the roof weaker and prone to leaks or water damage over time.

It’s recommended to use a cleaning solution and a professional service with asphalt shingle roofing.

Ceramic Tile and Metal

Ceramic tile and metal roofing are stronger and better at withstanding a good power washing. They are more durable and can be cleaned with a power washer or cleaning solution.

How does my Location impact Cleaning?

If you live in an area close to the ocean, prone to mold build-up and moisture, or near a freeway or commercial area, roof cleaning will be very important. 

Mold and algae degrade the roofing over time, and moisture build-up is a surefire way to damage the roof. Commercial areas with heavy dust, car fumes, exhaust, and other airborne pollutants are also very bad for your roof. 

All of these factors are important to keep in mind when considering when and how you should get your roof cleaned.

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