Importance of Gutter Maintenance to the Roof and Home

In Hawaii, we get plenty of rain throughout the year. With many homes surrounded by trees, shrubs, and plants, we also get lots of debris in our gutters. Leaves and foliage build-up in the gutters doesn’t just look ugly, it’s dangerous for your house and roof too.

Common Problems with Clogged Gutters

Over time, clogged gutters can have nasty and expensive long-term effects.

Pests and Critters

Rodents, bugs, and other pests love to live in the build-up and make their homes. Critters love to nest and infest cluttered gutters. This puts your family and pets at risk, as pests may enter your home.

Water Damage

Clogged gutters will hold moisture and water, leading to mold outgrowths and water penetrating the roofing. As moisture and water build in the gutters, it can spread through the roof, causing damage to the structures below. Plus, moisture seeping into the walls can cause paint to peel.

Compromised Foundations

When proper drainage isn’t occurring in homes where rain happens frequently, the additional water has nowhere to go except down. Oftentimes, the excess water will go under the house and sit on the foundation of the home. This can lead to cracking when the water freezes (such as on the mainland) but here in Hawaii, water can create mold and damage the foundation.

Increase Costs

Unkept gutters can lead to big expenses over time. Replacing the gutters, repairing damaged, paint, and repairing flooding damage are just some of the problems that come with compromised gutter systems.

Invest Now to Save a lot Later


Investing a few hours every few months into cleaning your gutters can save you tons of money down the line. If you’re cleaning gutters yourself, make sure to use the proper equipment and safety gear.

Or hire a professional to get the work done for you. No matter what, investing that additional time or money now will save you much more than putting it off. Replacements and repairs are sometimes necessary, but regular gutter cleaning is one way to minimize those costs.

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