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Finding the right service provider for your construction needs can be a difficult and tiresome task, given the myriads of factors you have to watch out for. Among the various sorts of construction projects, it’s of utmost importance that the company you are working with has the right tools, equipment and experience to safely get your work done and surely SKYTA Construction and Roofing Company is the one for you.

SKYTA Construction and Roofing Company has over two decades of experience in ground up remodeling and construction. We have highly experienced staff and ownership. We have a reputation in the market for planning, management and construction of projects with full fervor and attention to detail, making us supreme to our counterparts. Furthermore, we specialize in framing, finish work and plumbing to complement all your construction needs.

In essence, SKYTA is a full service general construction company. It differs from manufacturing companies because they are only involved in the mass production of similar items with no designated purchaser. Construction companies, on the other hand, work at a location with a known client.

Our distinguishing feature is that only after we get all the information down from you regarding your project, is when we begin working. By taking the time to do our due diligence and research we save us a lot of headaches and potential hurdles down the road, making the entire process streamlined. We ensure that you get the best in terms of both; quality of services and prices. We also maintain high standards of quality in terms of materials and workmanship which radiates from top down in all our projects.

Providing dedicated resources with personal on-site supervision working on your project, SKYTA makes the entire process involving subcontractors and material suppliers a win-for-all and completely transparent venture living up to our commitment to deliver the superior quality building within the given time frame.
Under the banner of General Construction, SKYTA offers the following services:

Pre-construction Services

SKYTA has elaborate pre-construction services that include expert-level planning, coordination and control processes used to analyze the requirements of the project according to your goals because your goals are our goals and the successful completion of your project is our success too.

Estimation Services

Making accurate estimates and calculations are critical in all construction projects. Therefore, SKYTA offers detailed research and data organization for cost estimates with respect to labor, material and equipment for the project.


Designing of time tables, planning and cross-coordination of various stakeholders is done to ensure a seamless and timely project delivery without any loopholes or unforeseen events.

General Contracting

SKYTA ensures that there is clear communication of information at every phase of construction with a comprehensive oversight and management of venders, site and trade.

Construction Management

SKYTA will take your concept to completion with an effective planning, coordination and leadership in all facets of your project.

Project Management

We, at SKYTA, believe in nothing but timely, cost-effective and assured quality management and trade collaboration that offers advocacy to your project in all entirety.

SKYTA Construction and Roofing Company provides a diverse and experienced background in both commercial and residential construction services of the highest standards.

Residential Construction

In residential, we have experience in building individual as well as multi-family dwellings. We handle all our projects with maximum attention to detail. We maintain the highest standards of quality while maintaining the uniqueness of the project because all our designs are custom built with a lot of personal involvement of the customer.

Commercial Construction

Our construction management strategies are topnotch with state-of-the-art cost tracking systems and professional services. We implement customized and technical recourses at all our projects to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers.

To learn more about our general construction services, call us at 808-427-0135 or fill out the query form on our website.

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