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We, at SKYTA Construction and Roofing, recognize that there are many options out there when it comes to choosing a repair company for your home or business. But post-damage, or for restoration works, it is important for you to understand that there are many things to consider when you are hiring professional contractors who excel in insurance repairs, specifically.

For most insurance repairs, there is a specific set of skills and experience required to carry out necessary work. When completing the initial mitigation and emergency overhaul, an experienced contractor will know what to do with properties that have been damaged by water, winds, fire and other natural perils.

SKYTA Construction & Roofing Company strives to be one of the best among all the local choices you have available in terms of knowledge, transparency and information all along the whole process of your insurance claim.

SKYTA treats all its customers as distinctive individuals and values every single one of them with good morals and standards. Know that you will not be just another number for us!

In order to live up to the expectations of our valuable customers, we possess the right equipment for all kinds of constructions and roofing repair jobs, coupled with the relevant experience of catering to cases that involve insurance claims. All our employees also have complete licensing to deal with different issues like mold, lead paint, asbestos and more.

Many leading insurance companies refer Skyta Construction & Roofing to their customers to deal with the many cases that involve dealing with insured perils since we have an exceptional record with them. We have proved ourselves the insurance companies by providing them with honest and reliable pre-claim inspections for their insurers, and in turn, saving them from unwarranted claims.

Our outstanding track record with insurance companies has made SKYTA an A+ rated company with the BBB as it hasn’t had a complaint for many years.
We are also known to make the process of making claims easy and seamless as we take care of all the communication with your insurance company, protecting you from all the hassle. We place all the orders and make sure all the inspections are passed while adherence to the local codes in ensured.

Another distinctive feature of our insurance based repairing service is that we have all the materials delivered and begin our work before we get into collecting the payments from the first insurance. This policy offers complete buyer protection and leads to a relationship of trust and reliance.

Skyta is a company with many happy and satisfied customers and we look forward to provide you the service that you deserve.

Some important points to remember before you call your insurance company

  • In order to protect your standing with your insurance company, it is recommended that you know the extent of the damage to your roof before you contact them.
  • If there were high winds or hails in your area, it is best to have your roof inspected by a company such as SKYTA. We will give you a complete report of damage as well as details about what exactly needs repairing.
  • In the case that you contact your insurance company for repair claims and later on you find out that your roof has zero to minimal damage, your insurance company is going to give you a negative standing.
  • When you contact your claims department, they need exact information about the date and time that the damage occurred. For this, SKYTA can help you pinpoint exactly what caused the damage to your building using out hail mapping software.
  • SKYTA can be hired to represent you while your insurance company’s employee comes to inspect the damage. This is particularly useful because we will make sure all the damage is noticed by him and included in the claim. We will also assist him by highlight all the local codes that are applicable in your case.
  • Do not wait for more than one year after the date of damage to file your claim.

So, benefit from our expertise and help us help you in dire situations when our utmost priority is to provide the easiest and most convenient way to suitably make all your insurance repairs.

To learn more about insurance repair, call us at 808-427-0135 or fill out the query form on our website.

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