Signs You Need Roof Repair in Oahu, Hawaii

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The experts at Skyta Construction and Roofing have compiled some of the most common causes requiring the need for roof repair in Oahu. We have done so because it is quite hard to tell the difference between the need for a complete restoration of the roof and simply replacing a few damaged shingles.

None of the homeowners out there will want to find out that that their roof need restoration (because of the complexity of the job) – but it is the bitter truth. A properly functioning roof is very essential to protect your lovely home. That being said, here are a few signs of roof repair in Oahu in accordance to the reason why they are caused.

1.  Hail

Hail may not be quite common throughout the year, but when it does, it can bring about a lot of problems for your roof. The damages caused by hailstorms aren’t very easy to spot. Even though this is the case, signs that you need roof repair in Oahu may include cracking, bruising and missing granules. Spotting these isn’t always easy and usually requires a professional to carry out storm damage inspection on your roof.

If you wish to look for these signs yourself, then we can help you out. You will need roof repair in Oahu if you find indentations in the shingles of your roof. This can be checked by lightly pressing down on the granules to check whether they move. If they do, there is a chance that they may need to be replaced completely.

Cracking is much easier to see. You will be able to spot these cracks simply running through your shingles. You may even notice that the hail storm has actually blown some shingles away leaving missing spots. Other than this, you may also be able to notice that some have colors that aren’t consistent to the ones all around them.

If you notice any of these signs, the hail storm has really taken a toll on your roof and you need professional help. Whatever you do, don’t ignore these signs though. If these issues aren’t taken care of, then they may turn into larger problems very soon.

2.  Wind

Generally, winds at normal rates aren’t problematic for most roofs. Over time, however, consistent winds can bring about the need for roof repair in Oahu. Other than this, high winds – like the winds that are experienced in storms, have the ability of creating strong stress points on your roof. This is usually the case when winds have reached the speed of 50 miles per hour or even more.

When such winds have gone up against your roof, then you should check your roof later for damages caused at these stress points. These stress points need roof repair in Oahu because they tend to become more susceptible to water damages due to the very next rain. When this is the case, the rain water will penetrate the surface of the roof and start random leaks all over your home.

When you’re inspecting your roof for damages caused by high winds, you should inspect for misshapen shingles. You may even see that the edges of your roof may have gotten the worst out of the wind. Other than this, missing shingles are an obvious signs that your need roof repair in Oahu.

3.  Trees

Many homeowners have strategically placed trees around there home in order to protect them from sunlight. Doing so is very beneficial for your roof as well as the shade increases its life expectancy. While that is the case, these trees can also become a huge problem for your roof when they are not in good health.

Unhealthy trees become a huge threat when your area experiences a lot of high winds. Other than this, the downed branches from trees may also cause considerable damages to your roof. When this is the case, you should be on the lookout for any structural damages such as missing granules and shingles.

Even if you don’t need roof repair in Oahu, you should make sure that the branches of your trees are neatly trimmed and don’t rub against the roof of your home. If you have spotted shingles in your yard or a lot of leaves on your roof, then this is a sure sign that the branches of your trees need to be trimmed.  Leaves have the ability to trap moisture on your roof and cause minor damages if they have piled up enough.

4.  Faulty Installation

If the installation of your roof wasn’t done correctly, then the life of your roof will be quite short. This particular problem is quite difficult to determine without professional help. According to our experts of roof repair in Oahu, the easy-to-spot signs of bad installation include shingles set upside down.

Another sign of a bad roof installation is if your roof seems to be deteriorating much more quickly or is experiencing problems continually. This can only be determined with the help of professional roof repair companies and you will have to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. In the long run, improper inspection has the knack of becoming a huge headache.

So there you have it folks – these were the signs that the roof of your home needs an inspection for roof repairs. When it comes to the roof of your home, preventative maintenance can help you from avoiding chaotic disasters!

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