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Is bigger necessarily better? Well, that depends on what we’re talking about here. Pizzas? Yes. Pores? No. Solar Panels? Sure.

When you’re looking into a viable solar panel service, consider that there’s a case for saying that a bigger solar panel is better, as a general rule of thumb.

But is there more to it? Are there instances when homeowners should consider different size solar panels, and how do other factors play into this guiding criteria?

In Honolulu, HI, these questions are ever crucial for homeowners. Living in the state where the sun shines more than average and in which you get additional tax credits for using a solar panel service, it’s only fair you get to hear the different sides of the argument.

Why Should Size Matter?

Think about it this way. A solar panel is like an opening; a larger opening means you can absorb more of what you want. You can get more light through a larger window after all.

Solar panels need sunlight to operate at optimum capability, so the bigger the solar panel, the more light it will absorb, and the more energy it will produce using the natural resource of the sun.

For a homeowner, this is excellent news as it means your solar panel service will spend less time on the roof installing the panels as you just won’t need as many.

The less intensive installation process also rings true as you will require less metal and fewer rails and roof attachments, which is much less hassle.

But is a bigger solar panel merely physically larger?

A bigger solar panel isn’t always larger physically; it can be bigger because it has higher power, and nowadays, you can get solar panels that have more power in smaller area space. This in theory makes them more efficient than bigger panels with the same power rating or less.

Look out for the watt rating that comes attached to solar panels or ask a solar panel service like Skyta for guidance on power ratings of their solar panels, which typically come as 100, 200 and 300-watt tiles.

These smaller panels with a higher voltage have the same advantages that a bigger panel holds, plus a few more.

Game-changing Solar Panel Service:

The smaller yet more powerful panels are more advanced and often more attractive. They can be more discrete, tucking away nicely on your roof rather than glaring out for the whole world or neighborhood to see, an aesthetic which isn’t for everyone.

Previously, however, anyone with a smaller roof wouldn’t be able to consider solar panels. You now no longer need to install large solar panels to visibly reduce electricity costs, which has opened up solar power usability for many more people.

And because you don’t have to purchase as many panels, your return on investment is now much quicker.

There’s another nifty little advantage of choosing smaller yet more powerful panels in that if you have space left on your roof, then you have the option of adding extra panels when needed. That might occur if you have incurred or are likely to commit some additional energy costs. For instance, the hot summer days in Honolulu, HI, might have led to excessive air-conditioner use, or you might be expecting a new addition to the household.

And your solar panel service will still use less racking and framing because you don’t need as many panels with there being more wattage per square meter.

Despite this, there is a trend toward larger solar panels, with more power as well, so you’re like to get these in modern production lines.

Skyta’s solar panel service is all about custom fitting for your house, so whichever size works for your roof, Skyta has various sizes at hand.

The Flip Side of More Panel and More Power:

There are also other considerations as well as size, which you can discuss with your solar panel service provider, but cell technology also impacts the efficiency of your solar panels. More advanced technology has the same effect as using large panels in that it allows more light to penetrate and generate energy.

Better cell technology and, generally, better quality solar panels, should ensure higher reliability.

Calling a reputable solar panel service like Skyta will help you nail a reliable, sound quality installation on all fronts.

Then there is the actual disadvantage of having a physically sizable solar panel. For one, taking up more area space can inhibit your solar energy system’s design and how the panels will fit on your roof. The same can apply to wiring on the roof, as each solar slate produces so many vaults. They are also heavier, which can be more hazardous to install, considering they are going on the roof.

Larger panels are also, generally, more pricey for a solar panel service to replace, which is a particular worry if any fall out of warranty.

Some downfalls are common, however, and there are pros and cons to most system installations. Some disadvantages are common, however, and there are pros and cons to most system installations. If you need help deciding on a solar panel size or type, it’s best to call the experts so that they can guide you with your energy goals in mind.

Skyta Construction, Roofing, and Solar is the perfect company to call for a solar panel service in Honolulu, HI.

It will tailor a service and fit it just for you, putting you first as the customer. Customer service is available all year round, including after your installation is complete.

We’re committed to sustainable energy solutions and provide a solar panel service with your and the planet’s future in mind. Call Skyta today at (808) 495-4290 and make your solar panel dream a reality.

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