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Since the beginning of human existence, solar power which is easily derived from sunlight has been used. Unlike other forms of fossil fuels like natural gas and petroleum, solar energy is abundant and renewable. In addition, other forms of energy like fossil fuels have a bad reputation of giving off emissions that damage our environment, whereas natural solar power is eco-friendly and clean. With the solar power being an eco-friendly and economical energy source, more businesses and individuals are opting to install residential and commercial solar power systems which are mainly made of solar panels. At Skyta Construction, we are a company specially equipped to handle your solar panel installation. Before we dive more into the services we offer, let us look at what solar panels are.

Solar Panels, What Are They?

Essentially, solar panels are specially designed devices that can convert energy from sunlight to thermal energy or electricity. We understand that every solar panel is made up of photovoltaic cells that ensure the renewable energy use from sunlight. The PV solar panels are able to collect the sun energy and then provide light or electricity for residences or commercial spaces.

Our Solar Panel Installation Services

In normal situations, solar panels come in different varieties, the Amorphous Silicon and Crystalline Silicon solar panels. Those solar panels made of Crystalline have the tendency of overheating, which perhaps, is the reason why many of our customers go for Amorphous Silicon solar panels. These panels are known for offering energy efficiency and durability.

Solar panel installation can be very challenging if you choose to do it on your own. This is because companies create solar systems that only give optimal power transfer. For this reason, many people have chosen to hire services of qualified solar panel installation technicians like Skyta Construction.

Our Incomparable Track Record

For almost a decade now, Skyta Construction has been providing outstanding solar panel installation services to our able clients located across Oahu. As a company, we strongly believe that when you opt for renewable energy like solar power, you are making a decision that will not only save you money but also our planet. As one of the most experienced solar panel installers, we give you reliable services that will leave you completely satisfied. Worried about the cost of solar panel installation? Don’t be! At Skyta, we offer affordable financing that will easily help you get solar panels. In addition, we understand that by utilizing alternative energy, our customers will be in a position to take advantage of the various tax incentives, deductions and rebates. That makes solar panels the perfect option for your financial freedom. With our dependable services, our customers receive a serious return on investment by using the natural power from sunlight.

As a homeowner in a sunny suburb, how long will you continue being charged for utility services more than triple the national basic? It is high time you put the powerful sunshine in the region to a better use. All you have to do is get in touch with us at Skyta Construction and you will have a solar panel installed at your home or business! We provide ourselves in providing the most outstanding solar panel installation services in the entire region. Our highly trained team of experts will install the system comfortably on your roof, or any location you think is ideal in your home. Our many years of operations and good customer service has earned us a special place and recognition from satisfied clients.

Wide Range of Solar Panels

At Skyta, we offer our customers a wide range of customizable solar plans to finance, lease or purchase your new energy storage products and solar panels. Since we ventured into business, thousands of individuals have chosen Skyta to electrify their homesteads with affordable, clean and reliable energy. In the press, we have helped them save millions in electricity costs. We have also generated over 2.2 billion kWh of clean power, and wow, who knew keeping our environment clean can pay so well?

Why Choose Us?

We are a well established company that will help you avoid expensive energy rates by providing low cost energy. Wondering why you should choose us at Skyta? Here is why!

24/7 Access to Solar Power

During the day, the rooftop solar panel will help store excess energy and at the same time powering your home. At night, your home will use the stored energy acquired during the day, how about that!

Peace of Mind

You will definitely feel better when your home is powered and lets you spend less. At Skyta, we ensure your home is powered and give you remarkable solar power installation services.

Outstanding Customer Care

At Skyta, the customer is King! We ensure that you are treated in the most humane way possible. In addition, we have a 24 hour call center that will review your call anytime you need our services. We also ensure that you are attended to fast and professionally.

High Professional Standards

At Skyta, we are known for giving the most outstanding and remarkable solar power solutions. We have a team of highly trained, certified and professional experts that will ensure your solar panel is properly installed. We don’t only deal with solar panels, but also several other services. Some of them include solar panel repair and maintenance. One thing you ought to know is, for your solar panel to last long, it needs to be regularly checked and well maintained. At Skyta, we help make this a reality!

Hire Us Today!

Looking for the most competent and qualified solar panel installation professionals in Oahu? Look no further than Skyta Construction Company. Our many years of experience make us one of the most trusted and preferred brands. In fact, most of our clients are those that were referred to us by satisfied customers! We are simply the best when it comes to solar panel installation.

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