What Questions Should you ask your Roofing Contractor?

Whether you’re having a new roof installed or replacing an old one, there are important questions to ask your roofing contractor before getting started on the project. We have pulled together a list of questions for you to refer to before hiring a contractor for your next project.

1. Do you have examples of your past work?

Any reputable roofing company will be quick to show you examples of their past work. Pride in their work and a wide array of successful projects shows that the company has experience. When a company is confident that their customers are happy, they are more willing to share those successes.

2. How long will my project take?

It’s very important that your contractor give you a reasonable estimate for the project. After all, you may need to plan for other accommodations if you can’t be in the home while the roof is being worked on. Barring any unforeseen weather issues or challenges out of the contractor’s control, a reasonable estimate of the time it will take is a great question to ask your contractor.

3. How long have you been in business?

Although you shouldn’t write off a newer company right from the start (every company was “new” at some point), it can be a great indicator of the skill level and experience of the roofing company. The longer a roofing company has been around, the longer they have been delivering great service. Roofing is a highly competitive market, and poor workmanship spreads quickly through the coconut wireless!

4. How soon can you schedule my job?

This is an important question to ask because some roofing companies might have a backlog of several weeks, or several months. If your roof has severe damage that needs to be repaired yesterday, a company with a backlog of tons of projects won’t be the best fit. Finding a company who can repair or replace your roof in the time frame you need is very important to know from the start.

5. Is a permit required for my project?

Knowing what permits and legal obligations might come with your roof does not fall solely on the contractor. It’s your responsibility to find out what permits, laws, housing association, and additional constraints might apply. However, an expert roofing contractor will often be able to help you navigate some of those challenges and anticipate any paperwork for you to do.

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