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What Should Be Worn While Installing a Roof in Oahu?

Head to Toe Dress for Safe Roofing

In this blog post, we will be sharing what to wear for a safe and comfortable roof installation and what to consider for Hawaii roofing projects in particular.

Properly Fitted Clothing and Equipment

The most important overall consideration is how your clothing and equipment fit. Make sure you have fitted long-sleeve shirts and long pants. Loose clothing can catch on edges and get bunched up, potentially causing injuries. Loose tool belts, clothes, sunglasses, gloves, and improper shoes all pose a serious safety risk.

Protect Your Head, Face, Hands, and Torso

Being on a roof in Hawaii for a long time leads to lots of sun exposure. Sunglasses, hats, and long-sleeve shirts are an absolute must for roofers in Hawaii. Large hats are best, as they will also protect the back of your neck. Bandanas wrapped around the face and neck are also a great way to protect yourself.

Safe and Appropriate Eyewear

With roofing, you don’t want to skimp on sunglasses. Make sure to purchase sunglasses with UV protection. Polarized sunglasses cut through glare and make for a clearer view. You’ll thank yourself for spending the extra on polarization and UV protection because these will protect your eyes and make your vision better. When up on a roof, clear vision is a must for safety. 

Sunglasses protect your eyes from radiation, light, and potential hazards. Roofing work can lead to debris and particulate in the air. Eye protection must always be worn when working with tools, so sunglasses that fit are invaluable for roofers in Hawaii.

Shirts and Gloves for Comfort

Did you know that there are different levels of UV protection in clothing? Look for long-sleeve shirts with a rating of 50 SPF or higher to block as much sun as possible. Lighter colored shirts with a high SPF are crucial for comfort and health. 

Many times we don’t think about damage to our hands either. Properly fitted gloves are crucial when working on a roof for two key reasons. First, many of the materials you’ll handle are hot, and gloves keep your fingers insulated from hot metal, shingles, and other materials so you don’t burn your hands. Second, a nasty sunburn on your hands can compromise your ability to work safely and effectively.

Secured Hair and Safe Hairstyles

As with gloves and loose clothing, your hair style can impact safety. Men and women with longer hair must be sure to tie up their hair securely and out of their faces. Long hair can pose a serious hazard for working when installing, maintaining, or servicing a roof. 

Protect your Legs and Feet

Just as with your shirt and gloves, wearing fitted, long pants is critical to prevent sun damage and keep your skin safe from the sun’s rays. 

Proper Footwear for Roofing

We cannot stress enough how important proper footwear is when installing a roof. Do not wear slippers or uncovered shoes. You must always wear shoes with good tread to prevent slipping. Working with tools means that sturdy boots are a must. Rubber tread and other safety considerations are discussed in this great boots for roofers article.

Correct Equipment for the Project

Choosing correctly sized and appropriate tools for each job is also important. Improper tools will lead to wasted time and extra effort. Using incorrect tools can also damage materials, increasing cost and wasting time.

Comprehensive Safety Overview 

This blog post is meant to give a general overview of safe clothing for roofers, and should not be considered an extensive or complete overview of safety practices. This blog post is also not intended to encourage roofing by anyone who is not licensed and trained to do so. Please refer to for a complete overview of safety and regulations.

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