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Are you looking at installing solar panels in your home? Or maybe you’ve already installed them and you’re not quite sure what it’s going to take to keep them running smoothly. Well, it’s actually a whole lot easier than you might think to take care of your solar panels. And when it comes to solar panel service in Honolulu, you’re going to have no problem at all. You just need the right team to help you with the tasks associated with your solar panels.

Should I Install Solar Panels?

Before we get started, let’s look at what the best things are about solar panels and why you absolutely should be getting them for yourself. They’re going to help you decrease your energy bills every single time you get a sunny day. And when you live in Honolulu those sunny days are definitely not difficult to come by, right? So why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the sun in all the ways that you can? With solar panels you’ll be able to get outside and enjoy the sun and also let your house soak up those rays and convert it to energy.

If you’re interested in saving money, helping the environment and maybe even helping your community, solar panels are a great way to go. We’re also going to talk a little more about the service needs of these panels so you can make an even more informed decision about just how much they’re going to help you and just how much they’re going to cost you. Before you know it, you’re probably going to make that call to install panels on your own home and get started with this environmentally friendly process.

How Often Do My Panels Need Service?

The truth is that there is very little need for solar panel service. That’s because these panels are extremely durable and they’re built to last. You don’t have to replace your roof every couple years so why would you want to have to replace your solar panels? And with everything those solar panels need to be able to do it’s important to make sure that they are always in top shape. That’s why they’re made so durable and it’s so important to continue looking for ways to make them stronger.

As to how long they need service you shouldn’t need it for as long as 30 years. That’s longer than a standard roof and it means that your solar panels are going to continue working exactly the way you would expect for that period of time. This is important because those solar panels are going to be responsible for the energy that you’re using in your home. If something were to happen to them beyond normal solar panel service you would be in trouble, right? But ‘regular solar panel service’ is actually a whole lot easier than you might have thought.

Regular Solar Panel Service

Other than having someone come out to take a look at your panels every so often to make sure everything is good you only need to wash your panels routinely. That’s it. All you need to do is use your garden hose or some water to wipe down the panels the same way that you would wipe down your windows on your home. And you don’t need to do it as often either. In fact, just a few times a year you can wipe down the panels and they’ll continue to work just as well as ever.

With such minimal service required you might even be surprised that they work so well. And the only reason you need to wipe them down is to make sure that there’s no dirt or debris that could hamper the abilities of the panels to pick up sunlight. The more sunlight the panels can absorb the more energy you’re going to get, which is extremely important because that’s the whole point of having the panels. If you keep them clean they’re going to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight and turn it into the maximum amount of energy, which maximizes your return on investment.

Solar Panel Service Warranties

When it comes to a warranty on your panels you’re generally going to have something that lasts at least 15 years and potentially even up to 25. That means your solar panels are guaranteed to last at least that long. They’re also guaranteed to provide you a set amount of power within that span of time. Usually, the warranty says that your panels will work at a level of at least 85% efficiency for a set period of time. If they don’t, you can make a warranty claim.

Make sure you’re getting a warranty on your panels as well. If you don’t you could find yourself shelling out a lot of money for solar panel service when there is a problem. Even though problems don’t happen often, you could have a huge expense if something goes wrong and there’s no warranty to take care of it. A reputable company is going to stand behind their product as well as the quality of their installation. Make sure you’re taking that into account when you’re looking at what you get from that particular installation and solar panel service.

When it comes to choosing someone to take care of your home and your solar panels, you want a team you can count on. At Skyta Construction we can help you get the right solar panels for your house as well as make sure that you’re going to have high quality care throughout the lifespan of those panels. No matter what solar panel service you need for your home, we can take care of it. Just give us a call to get started on the installation process or to take care of any care needs your solar panels might have. We’re ready and able to work with you, whether we installed your panels or not.

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