Why You Should Choose a Licensed Roofing Contractor in Oahu

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Fixing roofs is a complex, time-taking, and downright dangerous job. Roofs are placed at elevated heights and a simple mistake can result in a hard fall.  Trying to save a few bucks by “Doing it yourself” can lead you straight to a hospital bed.

A couple of YouTube videos and blogs labeled as “life hacks” can’t supplement the training and skills required to fix roofs. However, over-enthusiastic homeowners are just one side of the coin.

There are many unlicensed handymen offering their services at relatively lower costs. Yet many of them are not formally trained or don’t have the proper equipment to ensure your safety and their own.

So, before choosing a roofing contractor, you need to consider many factors. This article discusses why you should choose a licensed roofing contractor in Oahu.


Everyone has their own set of skills that they specialize in. So, if you’re not a roofing contractor yourself, it’s unlikely that you’ll have knowledge about how roofing works. Licensed roofing contractors spend hours working with other professionals.

They have to perfect their skills before setting out their own business. They also know how much material a certain problem needs to get fixed. Inexperienced handymen and untrained homeowners either underestimate or overuse material for certain jobs.

Experience is irreplaceable and no amount of research can give you the same knowledge as experience can. Moreover, you can’t afford to make an experiment out of your home. If you choose to do the job yourself or let an untrained handymen do the work, it will never help you in the long run. Ultimately, you’ll have to dial a reliable roofing contractor in Oahu anyways.


You may have heard about a number of falling accidents. These accidents are dangerous and can cause lifelong complications and in worst cases even death.

It’s important to remember that whenever someone is learning a new skill, their focus is completely on the task at hand. People doing something they have no experience with, rarely pay attention to their surroundings.

Doing so may be fine in other things but during roof repairs, even small mistakes can cost you big. This inattentive behavior is the reason many people become victims of steep falls and end up hurting themselves.

The weather in Oahu can get pretty windy and sometimes water left from rains can makes slopes slippery. Licensed roofing contractors not only have the knowledge to get the job done, but they also have the proper equipment to do the job safely. Their equipment allows them to work on complex angles and difficult surfaces.

Roofing has been around for years; however, the technology and techniques to do it have evolved through time. Instead of risking yourself, you should contact a licensed contractor in Oahu to do the job for you.


Even if you want to do things yourself despite the risks involved. You should remember that roof repairs are tedious and take an immense amount of your time. Most people have little idea about what they’re doing before they go up to the roof and begin the repairs. This makes your job even more difficult.

Moreover, even a small mistake can ruin what you’re doing; all the time you spent trying to do it will be for nothing. If you make a major mistake, the problem with your roof will only worsen.

On the other hand, calling an untrained handyman does not guarantee quick work either. A handyman does not have the expertise of a licensed roofing contractor and he will take much more time.

Moreover, any mistake he does is unwarranted. In the end, this can cost you a lot more in the long run. You’ll have to contact a roofing contractor in Oahu anyways.

Before committing to fix your own roof or hiring an unskilled handyman to fix your roof, consider all the factors. Once you weigh in the cost of tools and material and the possibility of an ineffectual repair, you won’t mind hiring a roofing contractor. You should choose a reliable roofing contractor in Oahu to do the job for you.


It’s possible that some handymen have the skill to fix roofs effectively. However, you shouldn’t forget that having insurance is also necessary for professionals working in this field. Roofing contractors have workman’s compensation and liability protection. This helps the homeowner to be safe from any legal liabilities in the unfortunate event of an accident.

The worker’s compensation relieves you from being liable for injuries any roofing company employee suffers from. Moreover, liability protection makes the roofing contractor answerable for any damage incurred during repair or replacement.

Without workmen’s compensation, the homeowner is responsible for any medical bills and other costs that come with a workmen’s injury. Your own insurance may not cover these kinds of accidents, so you can be held responsible for any costs.

In the state of Hawaii, you can be charged with premise liability if the workman suffers from an injury by some other part of your home. Therefore, you should always contact an insured licensed roofing contractor in Hawaii instead of a freelancing workman.

Roofing Warranty

Freelancing handymen rarely give any warranties for their work. It’s important to know whether the roofing contractor you’re trusting offers you any warranty on the work he’s doing. Licensed roofing contractors stand by their work.

There are two types of warranties for roofing jobs; one is a manufacturer’s warranty while the other is a workmanship warranty. Even among prospective roofing contractors, choose the one that covers workmanship warranty. Workman warranties cover any installation faults caused by the roofing contractor.

If you’re new to Oahu, it can be hard to find a roofing contractor you can trust. However, residents of Oahu already have a reliable construction and roofing service at their doorstep.

Skyta Construction and Roofing has been operating in Oahu for several years. The company not only offers affordable repair solutions but also stand by the work they do.

To know more about their services, visit their website. You can also call them 808 387-6164 to have your roofing system repaired or replaced.

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